Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Robotics

This is a research job for an undergraduate interested in modeling and simulating physically realistic robot motions.

You will gain experience in physics-based simulation using physics engines that are used in many computer games. You will also learn to use a 3D modeling program to create robot models including joints, mass properties, and other physical parameters. This project involves the use of several software libraries. The focus is on integrating physics simulators with the motion planning code developed in our group.

The main requirement is programming experience. C++ experience is preferred. Experience with python is also desirable. It is helpful if you have experience with version control software (git) and have worked with others on large software projects. Creativity and mathematical knowledge will be helpful for creating the robot models. This is a part-time job during the academic semesters and can be a full time-summer job. In fact, we prefer that student start during the summer. Our experience has shown that students who have taken comp450 have a real advantage. For more information please contact Professor Lydia Kavraki ( It may also be helpful to visit the group’s web site: (