Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Bioinformatics/Systems Biology

This is a research job for an undergraduate interested in working on a computationally focused research project related to understanding protein structure and function with the goal of developing new therapeutics.

You will gain hands on experience working on data integration, analysis, search and visualization of proteins and protein-ligand interactions. The algorithms and techniques you will be using and developing have potential to generalize to many different types of data. Our projects consist of a number of components ranging from graph theory to user interface design. Therefore, the specific focus of the project can be tailored based on your interests and skills. So bring your creativity and initiative along to advance science!

The main requirements are programming experience in python and excitement about working on novel computational problems related to biology. This is a full time summer job, with potential to continue through the school year part time. For more information please contact Professor Lydia Kavraki ( It may also be helpful to visit the group’s web site: (