Kinodynamic Motion Planning with Hardware Demonstrations

I. A. Sucan, J. F. Kruse, M. Yim, and L. E. Kavraki, “Kinodynamic Motion Planning with Hardware Demonstrations,” in IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Nice, France, 2008, pp. 1661–1666.


This paper provides proof-of-concept that state-of-the-art sampling-based motion planners that are tightly integrated with a physics-based simulator can compute paths that can be executed by a physical robotic system. Such a goal has been the subject of intensive research during the last few years and reflects the desire of the motion planning community to produce paths that are directly relevant to realistic mechanical systems and do not need a huge post-processing step in order to be executed on a robotic platform. To evaluate this approach, a recently developed motion planner is used to compute paths for a modular robot constructed from seven modules. These paths are then executed on hardware and compared with the paths predicted by the planner. For the system considered, the planner prediction and the paths achieved by the physical robot match, up to small errors. This work reveals the potential of modern motion planning research and its implications in the design and operation of complex robotic platforms.


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