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OOPSMP: An Object-Oriented Programming System for Motion Planning

OOPSMP Documentation

OOPSMP is a package for motion planning that is easy to extend, robust, and efficient. It can be used for motion planning research or as a teaching tool.

NEW: At IROS 2008, we organized an OOPSMP tutorial. The slides from this tutorial are now available on the tutorial web site.

CURRENT RELEASE: version 1.1.1, February 2009 (changes since version 1.0)

  • Implementations of popular motion planners
    Probabilistic RoadMap (PRM), Rapidly-exploring Random Tree (RRT), Expansive Spaces Tree (EST), bi-directional tree planners, and others.

  • Solution of problems involving one or multiple robots
    Each robot can freely rotate and translate or kinodynamic constraints can be imposed that restrict the possible motions.

  • General purpose utilities and data structures
    Nearest neighbors; numerical integration; SE(2), SO(3) [quaternions], SE(3); sets, maps, disjoint sets, updatable heaps, graphs; DFS, BFS, Dijsktra, A*; and others.

  • Plug-and-play
    One of the most distinctive features of OOPSMP is that it allows to plug-and-play existing code or new code via XML specifications.